about us - converting container housing into hope

How We're Helping


We are focused on helping make our community a better place by building safe, durable, temporary container  housing for the homeless citizens of Pinellas County. With the help of Catholic Charities, Diocese of St. Petersburg and Pinellas Hope and in partnership with the Knights of Columbus, we convert shipping containers into housing for the homeless to get them out of tents and into a safer more functional home while they receive services to get them back on their feet. We are currently fundraising to complete the build of more housing units for those in need.

Each of the three rooms features:

❖ a bunk that holds a twin mattress. 

❖ Two drawers underneath the bunk for storage 

❖ Option of a window air-conditioning unit or a split-air unit 

❖ Individual door with deadbolt lock and peep hole for security 

❖ Individual porch light with control switch inside the door

❖ Individual window 

❖ One LED light 

❖ One Fire Alarm


A 20’x8’x8’6” shipping container housing built to code as required in Florida Building Code 2014 5th Edition.